The 2hr late afternoon Sundowner Game Drive Aberdares is a perfect time to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the Aberdares while watching all the animals found in the Aberdare National Park. It is also a chance to see the beautiful indigenous flora and fauna that is synonymous with the Aberdares.

The Sundowner Game Drive is taken with 4WD Vehicles and is guided by experienced Drivers / Guides who are experts in helping the visitors spot wild animals even from their hideouts. Their expertise will leave you cherishing your time on the game drives for a long time to come.

During the Sundowner, you are poised to see four of the big five including the Black Rhino, the Leopard, Elephant, and Buffalo. You can also view the Spotted Hyena, the Sykes, Colobus and Black-faced Vevet monkeys. Lastly, one can view very rare animal species including the Bongo Antelope and the Giant Forest Hog.

Last but not least, as you complete the Sundowner Game Drive, Treetops Lodge serves refreshing cocktails and dry bitings as you bask in the glory of the spectacular Aberdare sunset.


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